Monday, September 10, 2012

Steel Machines into Art – Holly Martin at Bonneville by -Craig Pike

Thank you to Craig Pike for his great article about my work.

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Steel Machines into Art – Holly Martin at Bonneville

September 10, 2012 by

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Have I said it enough times that people found on the Bonneville salt are just cool? Each year I come away from Speed Week with a few more friends. That’s sort of amazing since I run around like a wild man shooting pics and trying to get feature stories… but I try, every once and a while, to kick back, have a beer and try to enjoy it all.
This year, I got to know Holly Martin, mostly through her photography. I like to study the angles, the light and the subjects of other photographers to learn from them and hopefully add something new to my own shots. I’m dig’n Holly’s work!
So I asked Holly to share some photos and she generously did.  I then asked her to write about her Bonneville experience… She was shy about sharing it, but I think it came out more like poetry than a bio. Get to know Holly a little here: (and let her know what you think of her shots!)

 To read the complete article please click on the following link.Steel Machines into Art- Holly Martin at Bonneville