Friday, April 27, 2012

Horse and Rider Portraits

 I always enjoy my photography sessions with horses and their owners.Spring time in the Santa Clarita Valley makes for beautiful portraits of all my clients. Especially equestrians.
It can be a challenge to get the horse or pony to cooperate,particularly in a field of fresh green grass! Let alone capturing the horse standing majestically with its ears perked forward.
 By the end of the photography session I have captured several great portraits of both horse and rider. The horses are always happy when the photo session is over, because they finally get to enjoy the sweet green grass.

Horse and Rider Portraits and Images-Holly Martin specializes in commissioned equine portraits of riders and horses.Her own experience in the show ring with her hunter jumper show horse and showing Arabian horses while growing up, has allowed her to understand the beauty and power of the bond between horse and rider.What better way to honor your relationship with your horse than with a personal portrait session.