Friday, February 3, 2012

Photographing Yosemite in Winter By Holly Martin

.Yosemite in Winter- Images by Holly Martin
Yosemite to me is both a sacred and beautiful place.
How fortunate I am to be able to drive a few hours north on a November day and find myself amongst the forest, snow and mountains of Yosemite. It was made even more special by spending time with great friends and wonderful family.

I will confess there was not much snow when we arrived and for a photographer this does not always make for great winter images.Thankfully, mother nature changed her mind and we woke up to a beautiful, winter wonderland I woke up early with excitement! I wanted to capture that moment just as the sun rose over the mountain and  began to illuminate the world. Then, after breakfast,  three of us headed down to a favorite childhood spot, in hopes of photographing more breathtaking views.
We stood at the edge of the lake. The clouds billowed above and the water was like glass. The  majestic redwoods and sugar pines were lightly dusted with snow. I felt as if we had all become part of a scene in a creation of Maxfield Parrish. This was God's country, at this very moment and we all had cameras in hand!
It is rare to set foot in this small piece of  the world, let alone experience it during the first snow of winter.To witness such beauty with my family  made it even more special. I am very blessed.