Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our Heros and Steve McQueen

Friends of Steve McQueen
My blog today is one in which I write from my heart. It is a small tribute to the hero's in every ones lives.

 Today,I had the good fortune of being invited to attend a wonderful car show, at the Boy's Republic, located in Chino, California. It is a non-profit center that benefits troubled teens. The Friend's of  Steve McQueen car show is held annually to raise money for this wonderful and very worthy cause.

We all remember Steve McQueen as a hero of the silver screen in films such as The Magnificent Seven and The Great Escape what we do not always think of is his heroics off camera. His support of the Boy's Republic is just one of many.Today, his wonderful family carries on his legacy through their many acts of  philanthropic kindness. We should all follow suit by making a point to give back to those in need everyday. Giving back makes heroes of all of us.

Now, I can get to my hero. He was a husband and father. He raced motorcycles and cars. He taught me everything he knew. He passed on his love of steam.He always had a smile and a positive thing to to say to everyone.

Today, I encountered subtle reminders of him. From the antique gas powered orchard pump to the beautiful Bultaco dirt bike he rode when I was a child. Then there was the British racing green Mustang he gave my mom when I was a baby.

It is hard to believe it has been twelve years.

My hero taught me to do kind things for others.My hero left me the desire for adventure an amazing appreciation for life.Not to mention,the love of the vintage automobile. Especially a beautiful 1909 Stanley Steam Car.

Who is your hero?

I miss my hero everyday. I am also so grateful I am my father's son.