Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Growing old gracefully

This week I had the wonderful experience of photographing an older and very distinguished gentleman. Merlin is,somewhere around 30 years old which is quite an accomplishment if you are a horse.

He allowed me to rub his nose and tell him how beautiful he was, in my quiet horse voice. He gave me a nuzzle and looked for some sort of treat in my hand. It was if he still was the  same gallant gray steed he was 15 years ago. To him time had changed nothing. 

 As a horse owner, I pray I will get to see, Neo, my horse, grow old gracefully along side me. These creatures give so much of themselves to us.There are times when the ride is difficult. There are days when and my horse is difficult. When it comes down to it, it is if he says "Hold On!,don't worry, I have this!". 

Someday Neo, will be old and gray like Merlin. I hope to give him the same life Valerie has given Merlin in his twilight years. I hope I have done  Merlin justice through my lens. I know he has shown me another way to witness the simple beauty of the world.