Saturday, January 15, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

After a year of adventures,meeting some wonderful new friends as well as re-connecting with some incredible friends from the past, I finally made the time to create my new website.

I cannot begin to describe how much I have enjoyed life over the last three years. Over time, I hope to take you on every adventure I have been on, through my photography and a few words.

The reality of my photography is it involves a lot of dust,dirt,salt,wind,steam, fumes and rust. Not to mention a few dead bugs.All of the above can be a photographer's worst nightmare. For me, those things are the ingredients of everyday life and they also make my job really cool.

 Life is an incredible adventure. I am blessed with the responsibility of capturing the memories of amazing people, incredible machines, stunning creatures and a beautiful world.

Welcome to my small part of life and enjoy the ride!

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